RFID Tag For Jewelry Management

Maximize Efficiency and Elevate Customer Experiences with RFID Tag

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1. Why RFID for Jewelry?

What benefits RFID brings to jewelry industry:

1. Increase accuracy, efficiency and traceability
2. Real-time stock visibility of jewelry
3. Quick and efficient stock counting
4. Improve customer shopping experience
5. Greater security for precious jewelry items
6. Jewelry store robbery and theft prevention
7. Optimize labor and process

Hot-selling Jewelry Tag's in Pakistan

68*26mm RFID Fragile Tag


Antenna size:68*26mm

13*30mm RFID Jewelry Label


Antenna size:10*27mm

Ideal for jewelry application

26*68mm UHF Tag Jewellery


Antenna size:11*42mm

Ideal for jewelry application

95*3mm RFID LED Tag


Antenna size:95*3mm

The RFID Applications For Jewelry Tag

UHF tags are widely used for jewelry inventory management. Tailed tags are typically attached to jewelry, while tailless tags are affixed to jewelry boxes.

NFC jewelry tags enable customers to seamlessly access jewelry information using their NFC-enabled smartphones, fostering brand engagement and marketing opportunities.

We offer 20 standard tag types. Download our RFID jewelry tag recommendation list to explore our comprehensive range.

How RFID works in Jewelry management?

RFID jewelry System will include RFID tags, hardware & software. You will need a system provider if you don’t have a ready system.

Each jewelry tagged by jewelry labels; With a handheld reader, employee can finish regular inventory counts in a few minutes and upload all the data to the cloud. With RFID, Jewelry brands can reduce human efforts and errors to achieve efficiency and improve customer experience.

Jewelry RFID Smart Tray is one of the popular hardware of jewelry manangement. It is wireless and comes with a built-in RFID reader and antenna. Jewelries are tagged with M-MARK jewelry tags, when jewelries are on the tray, it can automatically read details about each jewelry item. Clients can get each jewelry item from the tray to try it on, then return it to the tray. Whole process is visible to the reader and uploaded to the jeweler analytics dashboard.