Coding Expiry Printer

Industrial Coding and Marking Soluitons

HPRT TTO(Thermal Transfer Overprinting) printers provide an ideal solution for precise coding and marking on flexible packaging, films, and labels. Designed for real-time and variable data printing, they efficiently handle expiry dates, 1D and 2D barcodes, batch numbers, logos, ingredient lists, and pricing. These Expiry date thermal transfer over printers seamlessly integrate into both horizontal and vertical packaging machines and production lines, making them a valuable asset in industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, and logistics. 

Expiry Date Printer 

Expiry Date Thermal Transfer Printer FC53

The HPRT FC53 series is a robus all-metal strusctured thermal transfer overprinter line designed for continous or intermittent production lines. Perfect for coding on film, pouches and other flexible packaging materials.
Resolution: 300 dpi
Speed:  40-600mm/s
Max. Printing width: 53 mm
Ribbon capacity: 1100 meters
Ribbon Types:  Wax, Wax/resin, Resin
Software:  M-MARK Format Designer

Intelligent Data Coder

The DC24A-E is a smart TTO coding machine to replace old hot stamp coder, ideal for vertical packaging equipment. It comes with an APP enabling users to edit print content on the mobile phone.

Resolution: 203 dpi
Speed: 20-200mm/s
Print area: 24mm*15mm
Ribbon capacity: 200 meters
Ribbon types: Wax, Wax/resin, Resin

Graphic User Interface

Features an 8-inch color touchscreen for straightforward operation, with an icon menu and shortcut keys for easy navigation. The user-friendly interface ensures accuracy, while detailed diagnostics and password protection enhance reliability. Supports convenient on-site template editing. 

Coding Printer Bracket

Offers simple installation and versatility, easily mountable on various packaging machines and compatible with other TTO products, reducing additional costs. 

Coding Marking Ribbon

Rich colors and various sizes thermal transfer overprinting ribbons. HPRT FC/EFC Series ribbon cassette is design for easy installation and fast ribbon replacement. Accommodates up to 900mm ribbon length, compatible with all machine models, reducing spare part costs.