Digital Printing Label

High Quality Printing Result's even for smallest size with digital Labels 

"Digital Printed Labels for small Quantities


digital printing has revolutionized the printing world by providing an option for easy, on-demand printing. Among other changes, this extremely versatile printing technology has impacted the label business by providing options for short and medium print runs, variable printing and high-quality printing on a wide variety of print surfaces and label stock. 

With digital printing, an electronic file is converted into a series of dots, otherwise known as a raster image. Essentially, this raster file maps the image to dots on an x/y display grid. The raster image, sometimes referred to as a bitmap will guide the imaging device to print dots in the right place to recreate the image. The image is transferred to the media using ink or toner. Unlike offset or flexographic printing, where the image must first be created on a press plate and then transferred to the media, digital printing re-draws the image for each print.