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What is a Barcode Label Roll?

Barcode Label Roll is a type of paper that is coated with dye or without dye and it is also made up of wood pulp. It is used commercially; actually this is an old technology but still very effective and widely used in many industries around the world. There are two types of barcode label technology, one need ribbon that is called Thermal Transfer Labels and other label has already ink absorb and prints out with the heat of the printer that is called Direct Thermal Labels.

It is introduced as a product labeling for a pos solution. There is the huge consumption of Barcode Label Roll in the world due to low cost & easily customizable. Barcodes work on a system that is based on the specific code with a series of bars. It has different widths, heights and spacing. A Barcode Scanner is able to scan the generated barcode and give information about it. In past, It has been seen the several versions of barcode labeling over the years, but the most common & mostly used version is Universal Product Code (UPC).

Uses of Barcode Sticker

Barcode Sticker Roll is widely used on big scale in the world. Big Industries specially use this paper without any gap in daily routine. Barcode used for Product Labeling, Maching Tagging, Packing Material, Packaging, Document Sealing, Price Tagging, etc. It is used in Super Store, Pharmacies, Laboratories, Courier Services, Hospital, Food Department, Bakries, Restaurant, etc.

Types of Barcode Label

There are two major categories of Barcode Labels you have to decide before manufacturing:

But if we talk about sub-types of barcode Labels, So these are as follow

Sizes of Thermal Transfer Label

We can customize all sizes of Thermal Transfer Label and Direct Transfer Label. So You can customize it as per your demand. There is no fixed or standard size of these labels. But different industries used different label for his product. But here is a question for new consumer what size should we use our product and how can measure. So two things to measure, one is width and  second is height. You can measure through inch meter or ft scale in millimeters. Another size specs is, how much lines you have required like 1UP,2UP and 3 UP. Printers maximum width are 4 Inch.

Normally, five common sizes are purchased by consumer. Like: 38mmx28mm (Near about 1.25 Inch into 1 Inch), 50mmx25mm (2 Inch into 1 Inch), 58mmx40mm (Near About 1.25 Inch into 1.75 Inch), 32mmx25mm (Near About 1.25 Inch into 1 Inch) & 40mmx20mm  (Near About 1.75 into 0.75 Inch)

Beside this, very much sizes are available in markets. Like: 28mmx19mm, 38mmx25mm, 67mmx38mm, 30mmx19mm, 50mmx50mm (2 Inch x 2 Inch), 75mmx50mm (3Inchx2Inch), 100mmx50mm (4 Inchx2 Inch), 100mmx75mm (4 Inch x 3 Inch), 100mmx100mm (4 Inch x 4 Inch).


Brands of Barcode Label Paper

The largest manufacturer of barcode paper is china. If we are talking about the brand of Barcode paper then three countries are producing this paper. China, Malaysia, Korea. In Pakistan two brands (Fasson and M-MARK) are mostly selling on demand. It is fine, well adhesive, bright, best result, long print resistance.

Who can use Barcode Sticker Roll

This is understood, every business can use this technology according to their business. But for this information is to be share for new users / consumer of pos item: barcode Sticker Roll to know they should use or not. So, Super Stores, Medical Center, Labs, Bakery, general Stores , Private Firms, courier Services, Government sectors, schools, Gift Shop, Retail Shops can use this technology.

Price of Barcode Label in Pakistan

As we know, there is no price calculation tool has been invented yet. So, You have to ask price always before ordering. But we can tell you the estimated price according to the market which will help you to decide. In 2024st, Barcode Label Roll price is in between 90 Rs. roll (small size) to 2000 Rs. (Large size) rupees per roll for Customers. Price can be vary time to time. For exact price you have to inquire product from our sales department.