Jar labels

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Whether you use Ball, Bernardin, or any kind of mason jars, the best label for any jar is a custom jar label from Maxxam-V International! Use our custom labels for jars as decor, drinkware, or for homemade preserves and pickles; no matter what your jars are for, Maxxam-V has the label to cover all your canning needs

Making custom labels for jars with our designer is simple and economical,

Maxxam-V also lets you customize the size of the labels for jars, so all of your jar labels will be the perfect fit for any size jar you have. Maxxam-V also lets you make custom jar labels for the lids of your jars, so every part of your glass jar contains a little part of you and your brand.

Our lid and jar labels are all freezer-safe, waterproof, dishwasher friendly, and can be written on with marker or pen so you can completely personalize your jar labels with best before dates, manufacture date or batch number, ingredients or gift recipients’ names.

At Maxxam-V, we offer a wide variety of available finishes, in order to ensure you are able to select the perfect material that suits your use cases. If you'd like an opaque finish and background, you can print your custom jar labels on our removable white vinyl material. This allows you to have a white or colored background, printed on a thick white vinyl. If you prefer a translucent finish on a clear background, we also offer a clear removable vinyl material. This is perfect for situations where you'd like more of a see-through finish (for example, if you'd like to showcase the product in your jar that is behind your labels). Preserve what matters most and make it stick with Maxxam-V!

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