Honeywell CT40 Mobile Device

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Unleash Efficiency with Honeywell CT40 Mobile Device

CT40, built on Android™ and the Mobility Edge™ platform, is a sleek, enterprise-class, full-touch device for retail, light T&L, and DSD applications designed to help businesses provide a seamless customer experience and speed workflows such as inventory lookup on the sales floor, backroom inventory management, in-store merchandising, and order picking for in-store pickup or delivery. CT40 is also an Android Enterprise Recommended device, meaning it's rugged, built to deploy easily in the field, and built to stay up to date over a long-life span.

Retailers today are facing enormous challenges with changing consumer buying patterns and resulting omni-channel fulfillment demands. And even though digital fulfillment is growing, more than 90% of retail sales today still happen in a brick and mortar store – making it imperative for enterprises to empower associates and highly mobile workers with mobile devices allowing them to seamlessly speed and improve the customer experience.

Introducing the CT40 mobile computer. Designed for retail store associates and other highly mobile workers, the lightweight, ergonomic CT40 device is a sleek and stylish enterprise-class, full-touch device that helps improve worker productivity on the sales floor, backroom, warehouse, or on a delivery run. Built on the Honeywell Mobility Edge platform, the CT40 mobile computer offers an extended product lifecycle that is upgradeable across five generations of Android, providing a lower overall TCO and maximizing return on customer investment. Mobility Edge advanced enterprise lifecycle tools allow companies to test and validate applications once; accelerate deployments across the enterprise; optimize device performance; simplify software updates, training, and maintenance; and extend overall product lifecycle.

Compatible with a broad range of Honeywell connected applications, third-party software, and a comprehensive portfolio of accessories, the CT40 mobile computer is more than just a hardware device. It’s a highly integrated solution for retail and light-duty field mobility environments – from the shop floor and the backroom indoors to light-duty logistics and delivery outdoors.

The CT40 is both powerful and rugged, equipped with a high-performance octa-core chipset, fast Wi-Fi, and 4G LTE connectivity to give associates quick access to business-critical information whenever they need it. The rugged housing and Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5 screen help protect the unit against accidental drops and falls and the sleek, ergonomic design fits easily in the hand and can be used comfortably all day.

Top Features of the Honeywell CT40 Android Mobile Device

The Honeywell CT40 Mobile Device combines speed, accuracy, and versatility to meet your scanning needs. With its user-friendly design, seamless integration, rugged construction, and reliable performance, it is an ideal choice for businesses looking to enhance efficiency and productivity in barcode scanning operations.

Top Usage Industries for Honeywell CT40 Mobile Device

Bringing efficient and reliable solutions for your following business areas: 

#Warehousing and logistics Management : you can achieve real-time inventory tracking, order processing and distribution route optimization, thereby increasing the efficiency of warehousing and logistics.

#Retail : In a retail environment, PDA can be used for fast price inquiries, order processing, and mobile payments to provide customers with a superior shopping experience.

#Manufacturing: PDA can be used for data acquisition, quality control and equipment maintenance on the production line to help manufacturers achieve higher production efficiency and product quality.