Datalogic Scanner 9600

PowerScan 9600 DPX Series 

Datalogic Barcode Scanners and Mobile Computers 

Future Proof Your Connectivity

The PowerScan 9600 series of 2D barcode scanner features all the standard benefits associated with Datalogic industrial handheld scanners, but now with embedded industrial connectivity, allowing simple interfacing with a PC, Industrial PC, Tablet, or PLCs. There is no need for third part devices as the communication modules are exchangeable in the cradle, and inline for the wired version. The plug and play architecture helps to maintain network integrity, and is easily configurable between RS-232, USB, USB-C, Ethernet, Ethernet I/P or Profinet. Any future standards or changes to your networking setup are easy to switch to within a matter of minutes.

Datalogic 9600

Identification that goes beyond conventional labels:

The scanners of the Datalogic PowerScan 9600 DPX Series also


Depth Perception beyond the surface

The PowerScan 9600 DPX scanners are setting new standards in manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, particularly in the field of DPM scanning, and enable the precise and fast scanning of directly marked codes on metal or plastic surfaces. 

Cordless freedom of movement

The PM9600 DPX is equipped with the STAR Cordless System, and the PBT9600 DPX with Bluetooth 5.0. Both have an induction-charged 3,350 mAh battery that allows your customers up to 80,000 scans per charge.