MV-90 Data Collection Device

M-MARK Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Wireless MV-90 1D/2D Data Collection Device!

Data collection device commonly used in warehouse management, Inventory Control or any other area of place where items are big not easy to move near to barcode scanner or are in large number of quantity.

Data Collection Device is a hand held unit, just like a mobile to scan barcode of any item. It have memory to store barcodes and send to computer or its base through wireless or wire. Data collection device widely used for garment retail chain stores or grocery retail chain stores to audit the inventory.

Data Collection Device MV-90 have three modes of data collection , first simply it scan barcode with item name and store data , second user can write the number of items with every scan of barcode and third it can transfer the data at run time through Bluetooth connectivity to its cradle.

Maxxam-V International is the distributor of MV-90 data collection device in Pakistan. MV-90 Data collection device have 16MB Flash memory it can save 10,000 Transaction in its memory.

Top Features of the M-MARK MV-90 Data Collection Device

The MV-90 Barcode Scanner combines cutting-edge technology, reliable performance, and ease of use to streamline your barcode scanning processes. Its versatility, and fast scanning capabilities make it an invaluable tool for businesses across industries, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in data capture.

Top Usage Industries for M-MARK MV-90 Barcode Scanner