M-Mark Self Check-Out Kiosk

Maximize Efficiency and Elevate Customer Experiences with M-MARK Check-out Counters

"Your Ultimate Point of Sale Solution"

Digital Self-Order Kiosk Hardware With ARM Processor

Integrated with a wide variety of peripherals and devices such as 2D barcode scanner, camera, EDC payment device, IC card reader, MSR, thermal printer, etc., the 21.5-inch digital self-ordering Kiosk hardware features selectable accessories, colors, finish, and logo so that it is unique to your brand experience. Packed with improved speed and order accuracy, the kiosk hardware would boost the growth and productivity of your business. Moreover, the dual touch panel design ensures better customer experiences that can be modified to color, shape, and height to suit your requirements. 

Customize The Look, Design, And The Embedded Peripherals Of Your Kiosk

Payment Device Integration Based On Customer Needs

Adding convenience for customers, the 21.5-inch self-order Kiosk hardware enables them to choose how they want to pay, such as cards using a pin, EMV chip, magnetic stripe, or by contactless payments via NFC. The modular components design makes maintenance, installation and component replacement easy, fast and convenient.