Silver Metalic Foil Labels

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Metal foil labels are the right choice when you need an eye-catching, shiny look for your items

Truly high-end products and promotional items can pick up a little extra shimmer — literally — when you use high-quality foil labels. Available in a variety of silver materials including rainbow holographic to suit your company's graphic design sensibility, these labels give the colors in your packaging a metallic sheen.

By using layers of white ink under portions of your design, you can create a complex look, with some parts of the metallic foil labels shimmering and others opaque. By generating this contrast, you can draw customers' eyes to the exact parts of your design you want to highlight. Whether you're seeking to highlight your brand name, a part of your logo, photo elements or all of these areas, you can get the effect you want.

Metallic Foil Labels Are A Great Option for High-Quality Products

When launching a new line of high-end items, designing packaging to distinguish a premium product or sending out customized goods to promote an event, metallic foil labels can create a deep impression on customers. It's difficult to ignore packaging that shimmers in the light, and you can use this effect to highlight your best brand imagery.

Highlight Your Brand with Metallic Foil Labels

Metal foil labels are easy to order and apply to your items, and hard for your customers to resist. These labels are:

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