Digital Printing Labels 

High Quality Printing Result's even for smallest size with digital Labels

"Digital Printed Labels for small Quantities"

Maxxam-V International have solution for small font size text printing with digital label printing machine.

Small Quantity printing is not a problem now , Maxxam-V have solution for it . we can print any quantity job of color printing labels through our digital printing machine without compromising quality. 

High printing quality now a days can only be achievable with digital printing. Conventional printing method or machines cant give that quality and also need long time to start the printing process.  

variable printing and high-quality printing on a wide variety of print surfaces and label stock. 

Variable printing is very easy with high printing quality from digital label printing machine . Maxxam-V can print variable printing without any extra cost. 

Color is critical! 

One of the most common problems in the print industry is #colordrift. Color drift is when from one run to the next color is slightly off and slowly, over time transforms into another color entirely. This is especially true when you are dealing with adhesive labels conventional printing like ( flexo). At Maxxam-V, we not have to face this problem because we using Digital Printing Machine. Our Clients got consistent Color Quality always , same result from first time printing to 100th order. bcoz we print directly from software to machine , so always same high quality result from Digital Printing Machine.

Digital Label Expert

Digital printing is no longer a nice-to-have technology. In today’s label printing climate, meeting demand for smaller and more frequent orders is a necessity, which is perfectly suited for digital printing. Digital is capable of short, medium and long runs, and only Maxxam-V in Pakistan have digital Printing capability.

Maxxam-V planning for the future and examining ways to help their brands, digital is critical for success. The numbers bear that out, too. According to LPC, Inc., digital press sales are expected to outpace conventional sales by a wide margin from 2023-2025.

We print High Quality  Digital Labels,
Special shape and low quantity.
We have a huge range of options available to help your product stand out from the crowd. We print labels on rolls & Sheets for small and medium  businesses.