TYSSO PRP550 Thermal Printer

High-Speed Thermal Receipt Printer
80mm USB Receipt Printer, POS Printer with Auto Cutter ESC/POS Command Support Windows Mac

Different needs, different choices


Tysso PRP550 80mm series printers have released two latest models:

Tysso PRP550/PRP550L, which have a wide range of applications and o fit for various industry.


Industries for Tysso Thermal Printer In Pakistan

Catering, Hotels, Supermarket Retail, Healthcare, Fresh Food Delivery, Clothing Industry, Queuing, Government Affairs, Gas Stations etc.

Multiple interfaces optional, wide adaptability.


Compatible with popular cashier systems/ERP software on the market, seamlessly connect to various usage solutions and working environments

Incoming order reminder to avoid missing orders


Reminders for paper shortage, cover opening, and incoming orders to avoid paper shortage and missing orders.

Thermal Receipt Printer Price in Pakistan between 7000 Rs. to 45000 Rs. 3inch width Thermal POS Printer price also depend on the interface. Most common interface USB. Thermal Printer USB Price in Pakistan start from 5000 Rs. but if you required LAN port with USB then the price of Thermal Printer in Pakistan is high.

Tysso Thermal Receipt Printer Distributor in Pakistan.

Maxxam-V International is the distributor of Tysso Printers in Pakistan.