Sato CL4NX Barcode Printer

Midrange Industrial Printer

Experience the Precision and Speed of Sata CL4NX Barcode Printer

The CL4NX Plus printer offers a vast array of standard features that are unequaled by its competition. Printer setups, operation, and maintenance are supremely easy and intuitive. 

The CL4NX Plus Printer offers a vast array of standard features that are unequaled by its competition.

Ease of Use 

CL4NX Plus is the next evolution in this product series and will surpass your expectations of today’s printing technology. With the support of up to 10-inch (254mm) OD of media and 1968-foot (600m) ribbon and incorporating Smart Print head technology to keep track of usage specific to the print head installed. 

Micro Label Print Mode 

The Micro Label Print Mode provides higher print accuracy for small pitch labels and can even dispense labels as small as 10mm. 


These RFID Series of printers can print text and barcodes on UHF, HF and NFC tags/labels and encode data in their embedded chips at the same time. 

14 ips print speed at either 203 or 305 dpi!

Up to 14 inches per second for fast batch printing. Best of class print speed at 305 dpi! 

Top Features of the Sato CL4NX  Barcode  Printer

The Sato CL4NX Barcode Printer combines speed, precision, and versatility to meet your printing needs. With its user-friendly interface, seamless integration, and reliable performance, it is the perfect choice for businesses looking for efficient and high-quality printing solutions.

Top Usage Industries for Sato CL4NX Barcode  Printer

These industries represent just a few examples of the diverse applications for the Sato CL4NX Barcode Printer. Its versatility, reliable performance, and efficient printing capabilities make it an indispensable tool for businesses across different sectors, streamlining operations and enhancing productivity.