Easy to Configure

RP-100 High Speed Receipt Printer 

Partner Tech’s receipt printers are high speed receipt printer solutions for retail and hospitality that require fast and quiet printing.

The RP-100-300 II is a particularly fast receipt printer with a printing rate up to 300 mm/s at a resolution of 203 dpi. The compact size and integrated wall mounting make this dependable model absolutely ideal for many applications. A wide range of I/O Serial+Ethernet+USB port allows easy installation and simple integration to various POS solutions.

  Partner Thermal Receipt Printer Specifications

Item RP-100-300 II


Print method

  Direct thermal line

  Print width


  Dot density




  Print speed




  Paper diameter


  Paper width


  Line space

  3.75mm(can be adjusted)


  Paper End, Cover Open, Paper Cut

  Character Size

  ANK Font Font A: 12x24dots Font B: 9x17dots

  Simplified/Traditional Chinese Character: 24x24dots

  Code page


  West Europe/Greek/Hebrew/East Europe/Iran/


  PT151,1251/PC737/WPC1257/Thai Vietnam/PC864/


  Barcode mode



  Fonts support

  English, Simple Chinese, Traditional Chinese,

  Korean, Japanese



  128K bytes

  NV Flash

  256K bytes


  Cashdrawer out

  DC 24V/1A

  Power supply

  AC 110V/220V,50 ~ 60Hz,DC 12V/3A








  Work environment

  Temperature:5-45°C,Humidity:10 ~ 80%

Storage environment

  Temperature:-10 ~ 50°C,Humidity:10 ~ 90%


  Tph life


  Auto cutter

  1 million cuts

  Cutter Method

  Partial cut (Guillotine)